... Westlakebridge construction now considered completed.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving (in Canada).



... on the roof


Just green ... and glass and water.

End of summer

Quite a while since I've posted something.


From behind the stairs that is.

Easter cupcakes

Looks like Martha Stewart found her way to Westlakebridge also ;-)

One more week ...

... to the long Easter weekend.

The daffodils are blooming already.


We've started laying out the front garden.

If it doesn't start freezing again, works will continue this week.

By next weekend things should have moved forward quite a bit.

Season's greetings

Spent our first New Year's eve at Westlakebridge in excellent company.

Snow at sunset

... and expecting more snow to fall over the next 48 hours.

Corten in the snow

If (ever) Google streetview would pass by, this is what it would find.

Pines reflected

... and a view of our newly installed stairs.

Assorted colors

Mushrooms, ferns and Cor-ten steel

Yellow and rust

Beeches turned canary yellow.
Makes up for a nice backdrop for the Cor-ten walls.
Still waiting for the stairs to be delivered.

Flowers ...

... on the dinner table. The curtains are hanging and the sofa has arrived as well.

After the rain

The driest summer in 27 years is over.
Had some 50mm of rain over the past 24h.
In between rainshowers, the sun broke through and created some pretty shadow bands.


Another productive weekend.


Hope to have the terrace finished this week and the curtains delivered before the end of the month.

Sleeping ...

... in the "master bedroom" just feels like sleeping outdoors.

Interior view 2

Finished painting. Finally. Thought we would never get there.

And of course we need to put another dining table and chairs.


On a windless night, the water of the pond acts as a perfect mirror.

The lawn

Looks like most of the grass seed did germinate, despite the dry weather.

Noticed the ducks ?
My wife's colleagues thought we needed some more wildlife in the pond. Thanks guys.


Spent two entire weekends already covering the walls and painting.

More to go.


Just had a marmoleum flooring done on the mezzanine.

Cor-ten steel - one year later

The Cor-ten steel fa├žade is just over one year old now. To see how the weathering has evolved, have a look at day 1 and day 23.

Meanwhile we're still waiting for the grass seed to germinate. Need some rain followed by a few warm days.

Sowing grass seed

Spent another weekend pulverizing, levelling, raking, sowing, raking again and rolling.

Canadian breakfast at Westlakebridge

Second weekend of groundworks - the edge of the pond has been completely stabilized, involving two truckloads of soil and several tons of lava.

Saturday we kicked off with a real nice Canadian breakfast.

The edge

Stabilizing the edge of the pond : rolling out HDPE nets (Geocells) and filling these up with soil and lava. We had one side done by an excavator. The other sides had to be done by hand using wheelbarrows. A hell of a job.

Reflections 2

Blooming June berries reflect in the newly installed kitchen back panel.

Daylight saving time

Switched to DST today.

Making plans for levelling the terrain and doing a bit of landscaping

Light ...

... at the end of the tunnel.

Spots have been installed.

We also have a kitchen now.

And a pretty steep stairway.

Even a shower and a toilet.

It's really starting to look like a house to live in.

Winter Wonderland

The snow has gone and it started raining again.
Just trying to hold on to the real winter feeling for a short while.

It stopped freezing ...

... yet here's another winter landscape.
Click on the picture to zoom in.

Interior view

Partition walls have been constructed. Awaiting a layer of paint.

Corten steel in the snow

Next week the kitchen will be installed.
Meanwhile we're enjoying a few days of Canadian-like winter.
Hope our water conducts aren't frozen.

Constructing the partition walls

Partition walls are being constructed to create small alcoves for kitchen, bathroom and storage, making the most of each square meter.

Vibrant colors

Thought I'd let you enjoy a fall color view.

Little progress to report - just a couple of small things, nothing worth mentioning really.

Three pipes

Three cable pipes have been installed for water, power and telecom.