Cor-ten steel - one year later

The Cor-ten steel façade is just over one year old now. To see how the weathering has evolved, have a look at day 1 and day 23.

Meanwhile we're still waiting for the grass seed to germinate. Need some rain followed by a few warm days.


Blake Marvin said...

i've been following your westlakebridge house for a while now and wanted to tell you how much i've enjoyed watching it be built. can't wait to see more photos.

- Blake

perry said...

the cor-ten steel looks amazing against the landscape, lovely images. any idea who supplied the raw steel sheets and the rail support system??

- Perry

John W said...

Corten steel is a fantastic material - its so natural and has a wonderful aesthetic appeal. Really looking forward to seeing the end results.

Anonymous said...

I'm interested to know if the corten steel rubs off on clothes if you brush past it. Think the design looks great.